Sustainable Home Decor: My Journey to Starting Seek Home

Sustainable Home Decor: My Journey to Starting Seek Home

I'm thrilled to introduce you to Seek Home, a venture born out of my passion for unique, meaningful, and sustainable home decor. Just as I'm always 'seeking' something special, be it a cozy touch for the winter months or a splash of color, Seek Home is here to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

As a designer with over 15 years of experience in residential interior design in Canada, I've often grappled with the ethical implications of my choices. Questions like who crafted this rug, whether they were exposed to harmful chemicals in the process, and the product's environmental footprint have always been at the forefront of my mind.

My inclination has always been towards pieces that tell a  story. There's nothing I enjoy more than stepping into a client's home and learning the narratives behind each cherished item. One memorable tale involved a client's antique Parisian rocking horse, a relic from her childhood in Europe, purchased with her late mother in France. Such pieces hold stories that may encompass the creator, the creative journey, or the symbolic significance of the item. These stories give the pieces meaning and justify their place in a home.

Running my interior design business, I realized how challenging it was to source decor that resonated with my values of functionality, beauty, and storytelling. While repurposing and reusing clients' existing items is rewarding, there's always a need for additional pieces to enhance and harmonize a space.

Regrettably, many of us, myself included, have succumbed to acquiring items that are momentarily perfect but eventually find their way to the donation bin or landfill. This realization hit an ethical nerve around four years ago, prompting me to commit to promoting products that transcend being mere placeholders. Instead, I sought pieces that brought about deeper significance.

My vision is for everyone to feel connected to the story each item in their home tells, including the seemingly inconsequential 'filler' pieces. Whether it's a creation by a young artisan from a distant land, a product crafted from sustainably sourced materials, or an item made locally in Canada, every piece should narrate a tale of positive impact and historical richness.

On top of all of this ,I have a love for vibrant hues. While not everyone may be ready to commit to an orange sofa, incorporating color through a throw pillow or a ceramic piece is undeniably achievable. However, finding such pieces that align with my sustainability criteria proved to be a challenging endeavor.

This quest and long set of criteria has led to the inception of Seek Home. My aim is to offer a curated platform where customers can discover aesthetically pleasing, story-rich, sustainable, and distinct pieces. Each item has been meticulously selected for its ability to bring joy and meaning. I'm excited to share my journey with Seek Home and invite you to join me in finding pieces that resonate with your own story.