At Seek Home, we believe in a brighter future for our planet and are dedicated to playing our part in creating a sustainable tomorrow. We’re proud to share our green initiatives, that not only benefit the environment but also offer our customers an eco-conscious shopping experience. As we continue to grow our business and learn, we will work hard to further evolve these initiatives.

NO. 1

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Every package you receive from us is a testament to our commitment to the environment. We utilize recycled or recyclable materials, drastically limiting our use of plastics. From our cards made of hemp and recycled paper, to our boxes made of recycled paper, our goal is to ensure that our packaging has the smallest footprint possible while ensuring the safety and quality of the products inside. As we receive packages from our suppliers we will upcycle their packaging to ensure that it does not go into landfill.

NO. 2

Carbon Neutral Shipping

Shipping with a conscience! We’ve teamed up with responsible shipping partners who offer carbon-neutral delivery options. This means every product you order is shipped in a way that offsets its carbon footprint, supporting a cleaner and greener planet.

NO. 3

Sustainable Products

Quality meets sustainability in our product range. We have meticulously curated  products made from recycled or sustainable materials. At the forefront of Seek Home’s values is putting life first: human, plant and animal. Collaborating with brands that share our eco-friendly philosophy , we strive to offer items that are not only beautiful, and timeless,  but also gentle on our Earth.

NO. 4

Education & Awareness

Knowledge is power. We are devoted to not just implementing sustainable practices, but also spreading awareness about them. Our website features dedicated sections, blog posts, and resources that enlighten our customers about the importance of sustainability, and how every purchase makes a difference. We are always working hard to learn more. You know the saying, “when you know better you do better”.

NO. 5

Local Sourcing

Reducing our carbon footprint goes beyond just shipping. By prioritizing local Canadian suppliers and artisans, we diminish the environmental impact from long-distance procurement. This initiative also supports local communities, ensuring that every purchase has a positive ripple effect.